Tuesday 12 July 2011

I'm still around...and so is the allotment!!

OK....so this is probably going to be the worst post on an allotment blog in history and I have no great excuses for my absence except for the usual mundane I have gone about continually just lately which is life. Don't get me wrong....life is great....just extremely hectic but I am convinced that all that is about to change and I am about to get some semblance of control back!!

To be honest I don't know why I haven't had the time to sit and write for my blog....I have been spending time on the allotment so it's not the lack of anything to write.....just the lack of sitting at the computer.

Anyway...stuff is doing quite well if you ignore the fact that I attempted to grow peas this year.......Fishing season is back so I am off doing that at least once a week now too.....oh and I am very proud of my sweetcorn!!

All these n
otations and many more will be backed up this week with some pictures and I did get to sit down this morning and catch up with all the blogs I follow too.

The weather here has been changeable with temps ranging between 18 and 32 degrees. Lots of areas have had flash flooding but not us...although we have had some nice rainfall ov
er the last couple of weeks.

The humidity levels are as usual through the roof....oh how I love the British weather!!

Anyway...here's a few pics to share to keep you interested and I will be back tomorrow with more to tell....I figure a short post each day rather than a mammoth lecture the length of a book is the best way to go forward right now....enjoy the pics!!

stormy skies
Stormy skies last Thursday evening whilst out fishing.

first tench
A beautiful clear Saturday...and the first tench my Nephew has caught solo.

the enormous radish
Errmmmm....well we've all heard about the enormous turnip...now it's the turn of the radish...this was the only one that grew...the rest were all top...then this enormous thing showed up in the middle. We haven't tried any yet!!



  1. Let's hope we both end up with some peas later!

  2. Life does seem to get in the way of blogging sometimes, especially at this time of year when there's so much going on at the allotment, and also end of term activities. Hope things are a little less hectic for you soon.

  3. Look at the size of that! No wonder nothing else grew, they were all too scared!!

    I am happy someone is having a good time with sweetcorn, ours is about two feet tall and has been for weeks. It just kind of smirks at me from the patch!

  4. Sometimes real life must take over. It is good to hear that your garden is doing so well.

  5. We all sometimes need time off from blogging. Getting into real life is a good thing. It refreshes us and gives a new perspective. By coincidence I just happened to check here last night for a new post. I had the strangest feeling there was one coming. And that's the biggest radish I think I've ever seen. :)

  6. It really warms my heart that even though I have been rather erratic and none existent with my posting of late you haven't all deserted me!!

    Here's hoping that life is a little slower and plenty of time on the allotment and blog can happen!!

  7. your excuse could very well be the same as mine. I just haven't been in the mood to sit in front of the computer. With nice weather there are better things to do

  8. Fingers crossed on the peas GLA.

    Jo, I know what you mean....this is after all a hobby to me...and hobbies sometimes have to take the back seat unfortunately!

    Emma...thanks for still coming by and reading. :-)

    Ratty...I think it's the biggest radish I ever saw...still haven't tried it...I think it may taste like eating a bit of wood....but I will let you know!

    Ann...I don't seem to see any break in your posts whilst playing catch up...but thanks for trying to make me feel better about my absence. :-)


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