Thursday 25 August 2011

We're all going on a......summer holiday!!!!

That's right...I am again going to be absent from my blog...and also the allotment but only for a week and this time I have a very good reason...we are going away for a week.

It's been a hectic day with exam results, college enrollment, packing and washing but I did manage to get down the allotment and harvest a few vegetables.

harvested runner beans, french beans, beetroot, cucumber, marrow, rainbow chard, sweetcorn, babycorn, spinach beet, tomatoes courgette and potatoes.
The harvest from today...and I was only up the allotment half an hour!!

Today's harvest wasn't for me but for my cousin who gives me year round free manure and also for my sister...I am quite envious that they are going to be eating the first sweetcorn...but there is plenty for me when I arrive home in a week.
I harvested runner beans, french beans, beetroot, cucumber, marrow, rainbow chard, sweetcorn, baby-corn, spinach beet, tomatoes, courgette and potatoes.

This ones for Mal...I think you are probably beating me hands down!!

Above is my celeriac...or lack of it. I had trouble getting hold of seeds and then when i finally did they were a long time germinating and this is as big as they have got. I think it's safe to say i have failed at celeriac again this year but I will not give up quite yet and will be trying again next how's you celeriac doing Mal??

So that's all for now hope you enjoy your holiday weekend and I will be back posting again as soon as I get home.



  1. You got a good harvest if you have enough to share with others. Have a good summer holiday.

  2. We've never succeeded with celeriac. have a great holiday!

  3. Have a great holiday, Tanya, you're due some relaxation after the busy time you've had. Great harvest, I bet your cousin and sister are chuffed to bits with that.

  4. Hi Tanya, I'm finally getting around to doing some catching up. Boy am I behind. I hope you have fun on your vacation. I would love to get away for a week.

  5. Hope you have a good holiday. have you got anyone looking after the allotment while you are away?

  6. Thanks for all your warm wishes...we had a nice holiday and we even got some sun!!

    Mark my bother was kind enough to water for me whilst I was away...but he isn't exactly green fingered so that's as far as it went!!


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